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Web Accessibility Certificate Austria

Leading through accessibility

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A lack of diversity is a lack of equality. This is why there needs to be a certificate to recognise accessible websites that take the future as well as equal access for all into account.

Austria's first quality seal to make web accessibility according to the international W3C guidelines visible to the outside world. This official certificate from the WACA initiative and an independent certification body is designed to ensure that all people can access the certified websites. The certificate recognises web accessibility efforts and guarantees compliance with legal requirements. 

Key facts about the WACA certificate:

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  • Recognised throughout Austria
  • TÜV Austria serves as independent certification body
  • Certification strictly according to WCAG 2.1 – conformance level AA
  • Available in 3 levels: Gold – Silver - Bronze
  • Certified websites marked with label
  • Valid for 3 years
  • Annual review audits
  • Re-certification necessary after 3 years
  • Graduation of prices depending on the complexity and size of the website

Your benefits:

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  • Unique selling proposition: the only quality seal of conformity in Austria
  • Transparency: independent certification body – certified and qualified auditors
  • Comparability: standardised audit procedure and publication of the audit report
  • Legal compliance: certificate guarantees that legal regulations are observed 
  • Economic effects: reaching a broader target group and making the website fit for the future
  • CSR: accessibility efforts become visible and media attention is achieved